John D. Mayer, Ph.D.
Peter Salovey, Ph.D
David R. Caruso, Ph.D

Description The MSCEIT is based on an ability model of emotional intelligence and assesses a person’s capacity to reason with emotional information.
Ages adults
Administration Internet / paper-pencil Administration
Time appr. 40 minutes
Languages English, Dutch (in development)
Qualification Certified users
Scoring Option Mail in-Scoring (Internet)

The MSCEIT is an ability-based assessment of emotional intelligence and measures a person’s capacity for reasoning with emotional information. It employs a variety of interesting and creative tasks to elicit valuabel information about your respondents' emotional intelligence skills.

Because the MSCEIT is an ability-based measure, it is very difficult for respondents to “fake” a good performance. As such, the MSCEIT is ideal for testing situations in which it is expected that respondents will want to create a positive impression.

The MSCEIT generates four branch scores:
  • Managing Emotions (assessed using the Emotional Management task and the Social Management task)
  • Understanding Emotions (assessed using the Blends task and the Changes task)
  • Using Emotions (assessed using the Sensations task and the Facilitation task)
  • Perceiving Emotions (assessed using the Faces task and the Pictures task)
The full color Item Booklet contains items for each of the tasks listed. The test yields 17 scores, including 2 validity scales, 7 emotional IQ scores, and 9 diagnostic scores. The MSCEIT has wide applicability - it can be used in all kinds of corporate, educational, research, and therapeutic settings.

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De MSCEIT zal door PEN in samenwerking met de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen en de Vrije Universiteit Brussel worden aangepast en genormeerd voor gebruik in Nederland en België. Meer info volgt.

Afname is nu reeds mogelijk (in overleg, met feedbackgesprek), vergelijking geschiedt dan met de standaard Noord Amerikaanse normgroep.