Bar-On Emotional Quotient-Inventory™ (Bar-On EQ-i™)

Description The world's first scientific measure of Emotional Intelligence.
Ages 16 and older
Administration Self-report (internet administration on request)
Time 30 minutes
Languages English, French-Canadian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Swedish, etc.
Qualification Certified users
Scoring Option Mail-in/Computer (Internet)

The World's First Scientific Measure of Emotional Intelligence

Based on 19 years of research by Dr. Reuven Bar-On and tested on over 120.000 individuals worldwide, the BarOn EQ-i™ is the first scientifically developed and validated measure of emotional intelligence. It measures one's ability to deal with daily environmental demands and pressures. A growing body of research suggests that emotional intelligence is a key determinant of success in life.

Factorial Components:

The BarOn EQ-i™ consists of 133 items and includes four validity indices and a sophisticated correction factor rendering scores for the following components:
  • Emotional Self Awareness
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-Regard
  • Self-Actualization
  • Independence
  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Social Responsibility
  • Problem Solving
  • Flexibility
  • Reality Testing
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Impulse Control
  • Optimism
  • Happiness


The BarOn EQ-i™ can be employed in many ways and in a variety of settings. It is appropriate in clinical, educational, forensic, medical, corporate, human resources, and research settings. In psychodiagnostics, it can assess a client's general degree of emotional intelligence, potential for emotional health, and present psychological well-being. It can be applied to map out areas that need further exploration in the assessment process as well as to help determine the overall need for therapy, establish clear therapeutic goals, decide on when to terminate therapy, evaluate the successfulness of psychologicalintervention, and the potential for success for those being considered for substance abuse rehabilitation.


Four reports are available to suit your needs:
  • The Individual Summary Report provides, in a four-page graphical format, the overall EQ score, scores for each of the 5 composite scales and the 15 subscales, and validity indicator results.
  • The Development Report includes the information available in the Individual Summary as well as an in-depth explanation of the meaning of the scores, individual strengths and weaknesses, and actions to improve emotional intelligence.
  • The Group Report is a listing/report that provides an anonymous summary of emotional intelligence results for a group of respondents.


The comprehensive Technical Manual provides detailed information about the administration, scoring, interpretation, development, norming, reliability, and validity of the BarOn EQ-i™. The concise User’s Manual is ideal for professionals who require only essential information on the administration, scoring, and interpretation of the BarOn EQ-i™. The Administrator’s Guide provides users with step by step information on administration procedures, maintaining confidentiality, and obtaining informed consent. This guide is ideal for use during administration of the BarOn EQ-i™ test. The Facilitator’s Guide explains how to properly interpret and give feedback to respondents on the BarOn EQ-i™. The guide describes the best circumstances to deliver results, how to maintain and ensure anonymity, how to console and encourage respondents with low scores, and how to promote meaningful group discussions about BarOn EQ-i™ results.

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